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The Purge - Presentation [english]

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le: décembre 14, 2019, 04:09:07 pm
The Purge: Presentation

The Purge project is a TDM / RPG oriented SA-MP project with CNR (Cops and Robbers) and Semi-RP on some aspect of the systems that will be present. The project exploits no basis it is simply coded from A to Z by only one is the same person, the server will be open to all the community SA-MP as well French-speaking and English-speaking and others. After this brief introduction, I will try to answer a few questions that may come to mind and so clear up the project is its situation.

What is "The Purge" exactly?

The Purge is a TDM / RPG oriented SA-MP project with a CNR and semi-RP approach as stipulated above. This project is coded from A to Z by only one person. We want to offer our players a 100% Free2Play gameplay which means that eventually all server content and updates will be accessible for free without necessarily paying a status to have benefits, orders or others. We are listening to our players, after all that makes a community is above all its members and it is thanks to them their loyalty that a server can live and evolve and we are more than aware.

What systems will be present on the server?

I will not reveal all the possibilities envisaged at the level of coding and this is not the goal, but overall we want to offer a gameplay that is close to a real RPG, the content will be unlocked according to your experience in this or that purview in the manner of a "Fallout" or "The Elder Scrolls" for example. It will be possible to own personal vehicles and to customize them but also sells them. You will also be able to buy one or more houses and business. On the player side, we want interaction but also cooperation to be a major axis, each player will have to select his class that has advantages and disadvantages, for example a Sniper Class will be able to be invisible on the map while a Scout Class will have the opportunity to make visible snipers and thus to report their positions but also to mark an area for tactical strikes, other systems will also be present and will be revealed as and when Development Updates.

You said that the server will be open to the entire community SA-MP, what do you mean by that?

.We will not hide it but SA-MP since his last months a lot changed is those with the announcement by its founder Kalcor announcing the stop of the next development of client and server mods, he also removed version 0.3DL which is considered unstable and not recommended by its developer himself. But all this does not mean the complete end of the mods, there is still a lot of unexploited potential via the language Pawn the community of developers remains very active both among the Russians and the English and also some work on the set up a fork of SA-MP under Open-Source license just like the MTA mod.

To return to the question what I mean by saying that the server will be open to the community as a whole is simply to make the multilingual server basically it will be possible to choose between a French or English interface. French will remain the reference language but we wish with the current context of SA-MP to host and provide support in English for players who do not speak the native language of the project.

Admin recruitment is open??

We do not recruit Admin for the moment, soon a recruitment will be considered. Know that we are looking for mappers is graphic designers for the realization of logo or banner

Do you have an opening date?

No date is currently set, the server is in a development phase. An early opening will be fixed in beta before a passage in RC of the server and its GM. The dates will be communicated to you via the forum as well as our discord.