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le: décembre 14, 2019, 03:48:23 pm
Forum Rules

Be aware that any breach of the rules can expose you to sanctions that can range from a simple warning to the ban. Thank you for respecting the rules and those for the good of all.

No illegal content

Do not post topics with illegal content. To make simple the sharing of illegal links torrent, warez, virus / malware is strictly forbidden on the forum.

No adult content

Be aware that people under 18 can attend our forum, in this case it is strictly forbidden to share images, videos or links redirecting to pornographic content.

No controversial or provocative content

Sensitive topics related to political or religious ideas are to be avoided and those for the good of all. If you want to debate a certain subject, please do it privately and not in public.

No discrimination, harassment, abuse or hate speech

Please respect the members of the community but also the Staff. Racist, homophobic or sexist insults and hate speech are severely punished. We invite you to be respectful to each other even if your opinions are divergent.

\\ The rules can change, thank you to regularly check this post. //