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Update 0.1.3 [EN]

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le: janvier 21, 2020, 08:08:24 pm
UPDATE 0.1.3

You will find below the list of additions to the development update "Update 0.1.3".

[#1] Add Hot dog and Ice cream vendor

Several vendor have been added to San Fierro. You can eat there but also rob them.

[#2] Add 24/7 Store (mapping)

The 24/7 store has been added with a dedicated interior mapping. You can rob this store, currently it is not yet possible to buy items, this will be possible with Update 0.1.4.

[#3] Add HQ Yakuza (mapping)

The HQ of the Yakuza has been added, the latter is located in the ChinaTown zone at San Fierro. The HG is free to access from the outside, to be able to enter the interior you must be a member of the team or in the future be invited by one of the members. They can eat there but also bring weapons and ammunition. A safe will also be added over time with management via specific permissions.

[#4] Wanted level system

As of now you become wanted when you commit a rob or when you use a Police vehicle or SAMU. The wanted level decreases over time, however if you are close to the police your level remains stable. This system only concerns the Civil Team.

[#5] Player color system

Now the color of the players appears on the radar depending on their wanted level (Civil) or the team with which they play (Police, SAMU, Yakuza).

[#6] Add new Staff comands

New commands have been added with this new development update (3 commands). They make it possible to give Staff rights to a player, to increase or decrease their wanted level or even to give Yakuza rights, these commands concern only Staff of level IV and V (Senior Admin and Supervisor).