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le: décembre 22, 2019, 06:13:43 pm
UPDATE 0.1.2

You will find below the list of additions to the development update "Update 0.1.2".

[#1] Add new player commands

New player commands have been added in this new update. The commands put in place are as follows: /braquage, /vlevel, /stats, /inventaire et /rangs. It is commands give in order: start a robbery, check your rob skill level, check your stats and those of another player, check your inventory and finally view the list of ranks to unlock.

[#2] Add new Staff comands

New commands for staff have been added. They can kick a player, give money or even change the health of a player. Others when they allow to modify hunger and thirst, to give a weapon or even armor, these commands are dedicated to Staff of level II to IV.

[#3] Clock/Time and weather system

Now the times of the day change, the days as well as the weeks. A weather cycle has also been added, this system and coded from A to Z and in no case uses "TogglePlayerClock".

[#4] Add new places

New places have been added such as Pizzerrias, Cluckin Bell's where you can eat to gain points of thirst and hunger. Clothing stores have also been set up, all these new stores can be rob.

[#5] Robbery system

You can now rob the various places provided you have the minimum level required. To check your level, simply use the "/ vlevel" command to display the places you can rob and indicate your skill. There are a total of five levels which are: Novice, Pickpocket, Burglar, Robber and King of Breakage.

[#6] Add skins for Official Teams

Skins for the official server teams have been added. The two teams in question are the Yakuza and the Los Zetas. The system also adds the following team structure: Leader, Co-Leader, Lieutenant, Member and Recruit. Much remains to be done to make the system 100% functional.

[#7] Add skins for F.B.I, N.S.A and Task Force

These three teams are unlike the official ones to unlock. Currently only skins are added, as for the rest it will come over time to allow the use of these which provide additional content.
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